Changelog SCAD Re-Event 5


With this release we are sure to please all different kind of users. We added a lot of features and fixed some of the most annoying bugs.

As always, we would like to thank our users for supplying us with interesting ideas and feedback throughout the year. If you have any requests and/or remarks, please let us know.

New Features

  • Magnets
    Added magnet functionality, which lets you easily click together blocks to make designing a stage much faster. Magnets have been added to multiple truss blocks since library version 5.6. To use the magnet functionality the following features have been added:
    CM/MM: Copy magnets / Move Magnets. To move or copy an object using its magnets these two commands must be used. During moving/copying of a block you have access to a new commands:
    Next magnet: Cycle between magnets in a block.
    Otherblock: Click a new block to quickly switch the block that is being moved/copied.
    Settings: Opens the magnet settings where you can set the layername on which the magnets are placed, and choose whether the snaps are automatically changed for best compatibility.
  • Added CXB/CYB/CZB: Same as CX/CY/CZ, only copies the block along its own internal axis.
    Added ZOOMSEL, to zoom to selected objects without clearing the selectionset.
    Added SIMPLIFYALLSOLIDS to execute DMSIMPLIFY on all solids, including all solids in blocks.
    Added SELECTINSIDEPOLYLINE to select all entities that fall inside a polyline.
    Added SCSLICE, a slice command that works in any UCS. Set UCS to VIEW to use view direction.
    Added BLKIMPORTV2: Same as BLKIMPORT but with the feature to set the distance between objects.
  • DWG: 2018 files are now supported.
  • Cleanscreen: Turns off all ui elements to increase the drawing area to the maximum allowed. Use
  • CLEANSCREENON and CLEANSCREENOFF to turn this on or off. Use CLEANSCREENOPTIONS to enable or disable UI elements.
  • Rollover Tips: When hovering over an entity, it’s options are now editable.
  • Layoutmanager: Use the button left to the layouts or the command LAYOUTMANAGER to open a dialog where you can add, remove, find or rearrange layouts.
  • Lock UI: the LOCKUI command locks all toolbars. Pressing Ctrl overrides the lock and allows you to move them temporarily.
  • Manipulator: With the manipulator widget all entities are easily moved, rotated, mirrored or scaled. When Ctrl is pressed before moving, a copy is made of the selected entity. Set MANIPULATOR to 1 to show it when entities are selected. Set it to 2 to show the manipulator after holding the mouse button for 250 ms. Or use MANIPULATE to show the manipulator on a selected object.
  • NAVIGATE: With navigate you can walk or fly through the drawing using the WASD or arrow keys. With F you can toggle between flying or walking. Left click to look around, right click to show options. Manipulate the speed and step size with STEPSPERSEC and STEPSIZE.
  • Face Camera: Select the checkbox in the Drawing Explorer -> Blocks to have the block always face the camera after rotating the view.
  • ANIPATH: To create a movie from a camera moving along a polyline.
  • Fields: Added support for fields with Layout Name property. Added NamedObject field category in the Field dialog.
  • DWGCOMPARE Use the DwgCompare command to compare a selected drawing with the current drawing during a comparison session. The EndCompare command must be used to exit the comparison session. During a comparison session, New, Modified and Missing entities are displayed using dedicated, user-configurable colors, and their DiffType is displayed in Properties Panel and Rollover Tips, only while the DwgCompare session is active. In the Structure panel all differences are displayed in a dedicated section. Note: default.cst configuration file should be used for optimal result.
  • VIEW TRANSITIONS: View transitions are now animated, making it easier to keep one's bearings during view switches.
  • VTENABLE: Setting that determines whether animated view transitions are enabled for zoom/pan and/or for view rotation operations.
  • VTDURATION: Setting that determines the duration of view transition animations in milliseconds.
  • VTFPS: Setting that defines the minimum frame rate required to allow animation. That is 7 by default, which means that the redraw time should take less than 143 (=1000/7) milliseconds. If the computer is not capable to redraw the view fast enough, no animation will be available.

SCAD Changes

  • Rewrote SCREMOTESUPPORT, will now download the client when Teamviewer is not found locally.
    • now supports all entity types.
    • will now stop when the next object does not have any room to be placed on the curve.
    • All entities are now supported.
  • SETLIB: Now reloads the database after clicking OK; Added support to multiple Add-Replace databases.
  • BESAVE:  Now makes a backup and shows a warning when a block can’t be saved.
    COUNTLIST: Fixed removal of -3Q etc. Now all instances are removed from the blockname, instead of only when the name ends with -3Q.
    • Fixed reading of special characters in lcmenu.csv.
    • Now supports unlimited buttons. When adding a new page a button is added automatically.
    • Fixed menu showing 26 icons instead of 25 in certain cases.
    • Now opens on the last opened page, even between sessions.
    • Fixed an error that happened when no database was loaded and the window was closed.
    • Fixed error when opening SCADLIB via on_start.lsp.
  • SCADLIBPALETTE: Will now open the new library menu when a page is selected.
  • CALCAREA: Now uses the AREAPREC instead of LUPREC.
  • MAGNETS: Fixed the bug where an object would not be positioned under the cursor when inserting with magnets in a drawing with units other than milllimeters.
  • Library update window: Removed SCAD releasenotes in the library window.
  • DIST: The cursor snaps to hovered points when using the DIST command, so you'll see exact distances while hovering.
  • ACIS: Upgraded to ACIS modeler version 2018 1.0
  • MTEX: Numbered and bulleted text is now supported.
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Changelog SCAD Re-Event 4


The past year was an excellent one on in terms of development of SCAD Re-Event. We have been able to develop and fix a lot of features. We received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our software. 

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to improve SCAD Re-Event. We are proud to release version 4.0. Below are the most notable changes we made the past year.

New Features

    • The library window has been given a complete overhaul. The biggest (and most requested) change is the ability to leave the library open. To make this work properly, the category selection is now present in the window itself. Those working with a single, lower resolution screen might want to check the checkbox “Hide window during insert”. 
    • Right-clicking the icons will now open the DWG, while left clicking inserts the block.
  • LCMENU.csv: The menu paths in lcmenu.csv (and custom lcmenus) are now treated as relative paths, when no drive letter is specified. This means that the LCMenu needs to be placed into the root of the (custom) libray (e.g. C:\SCAD-REV\Library\lcmenu.csv).
  • SETLIB: It is now possible to add an infinite number of custom libraries and databases.
  • SCINSERT: Added FlipY as keyword to flip the Yscale to -1 or 1.
  • COUNTLIST: The total line is removed from the Navision export.
  • CATTSYNCV2: New command that syncs attributes, even on dynamic blocks (SCATTSYNC will skip dynamic blocks with attributes)
  • BLOCKINFO: Blockinfo is now a standalone tool palette.
  • AREA: New command to quickly calculate the area and objects per square unit, and add them to the drawing as Mtext.
    • You can add multiple area’s and substract area’s using closed lines or by selecting the corners of an area.
  • LAYERPANELOPEN/LAYERPANELCLOSE: A layer panel that can be left open has been added to SCAD and can be used with the commands LAYERPANELOPEN and LAYERPANELCLOSE. These commands will replace LAYERPALETTE.
    • With LAYWALK You can quickly turn on/off different layers, or show them one by one.
    • With LWAYWALKISOL, the entities are isolated depending on if they are drawn on the selected layer.
  • NOSELECTLOCKEDLAYERS: When activated, this command will prevent the user from selecting entities on locked layers.
  • 3DCOMPARE: New command to compare two drawings with 3D solids and surfaces and highlight differences.
  • ANIPATH: Quickly record and save a movie by selecting a path for the camera to move along and a point for the camera to look at.
  • ERASE: You can now erase edges and faces of 3d solids and surfaces.
  • EXTRUDE/LOFT/SWEEP/REVOLVE: Surface entities can now be created from open and closed curves
  • Tabbed Dockable Panels: Some panels can now be dropped onto other panels, creating tabs to switch between the panels.
  • Reset Block: the RESETBLOCK command will reset dynamic blocks to default values.
  • XEDGES: Create LINE, CIRCLE and ARC entities from the edges of 3D solids, surfaces and regions.
  • EXPORTPDF: Export to PDF is now a separate command.
  • GRID: The grid lines are now transparent, making them less intrusive.
  • Visual Style Switch: Switching between visual styles is now much faster.
  • 3DSNAPS: You can now snap to face intersections when 3D Entity snap is turned on (Does not work in the wireframe visual style)
  • Bricscad platform updated to V17

Fixed bugs

  • SHOWMENU/SCADLIB: SCAD 3.6 already had the new library, called with the command SHOWMENU, for testing purposes. The following bugs were found and fixed:
    • Fixed some rare crashes
    • Fixed loading icons when no menu.txt was found.
    • Fixed unwanted showing of the library window after cancelling insert
    • Fixed inserting a block with a space in its path.
    • Fixed focus unwantedly changing back to the library window, preventing the use of F9 during insert.
  • SCCURVEARRAY: Fixed command not starting anymore after selecting a maximum/ minimum distance was canceled.
  • C/C2 & CX/Y/Z:
    • Fixed copying of dynamic block properties. Fixed copying of dynamic blocks with attributes (previously attributes were not copied)
    • Fixed copying of dynamic blocks with different scalefactors.
    • Fixed UNDO not working anymore after calling the CURVEARRAY command.
    • A registry fix is no longer needed to have curvearray behave normally.
    • You can no longer save a block with BESAVE when REFEDIT is still active.
    • You can no longer start the blockeditor when REFEDIT is already active.
  • RXBI
    • Crash when selection was empty is solved

Known bugs

  • Install as Administrator: When installing SCAD under a separate administrator account, the user settings are stored in the admin account during installation, which leads to SCAD not loading on start when the application is started under a normal user account. One solution is to elevate a user to administrator and then install SCAD, then demote the user to the appropriate rights.
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Changelog SCADRe-Event 3

Below is a list of most of the new and improved commands as well as a list of bugfixes. We are always working hard to improve our software. For Scad Re-Event 3.0 we focused on improving the software, but at the same time making sure everything works as fast and as simple as it was before. 

To maintain this level of improvement we highly appreciate your feedback. If you feel like a new command should be added, or maybe you found a bug; let us know and we will try to implement/fix it in the next update. Our contact information can be found here.

New commands

  • SELSIMLINES: Selects all lines that are similar to the one that is picked by the user. Similarity is checked by line area and/or distance. Can be found under Select - Select on the Ribbon.
  • SELBLKATT: Select all blocks with similar attributes. Blocks can be filtered by attribute keys. Can be found under Select - Select on the Ribbon.
  • SCFINDBLOCK: Find and highlight all blocks with an exact or partial match with the specified name. Blocks in blocks are also found. To unhighlight the blocks, use the REGEN command. Can be found under Block/Group – Blocks on the ribbon.
  • CXFAST/CYFAST//CXFASTNEG/CYFASTNEG/SETCXY: CXFAST, CXFASTNEG, CYFAST and CYFASTNEG are mapped under ctrl + arrowkeys and will copy the selected item over a set distance. The first time the command is started after installation of the new update it will ask to enter this distance (default 2072). The distance can then be changed with the SETCXY command. The distance must be set in mm, but will be translated to the insert units when copying. Can be found under SCAD Tools – Scaffolding on the ribbon.
  • SCDISTRIBUTE: Distributes the selected objects on a line between two user chosen points. The distance between the insertionpoints of the blocks (or centerpoints for entities) is equal, unless “equal distance between objects” is checked.
    • Rotate entities: Rotates the entities to the same angle as the (imaginary) line between the two points.
    • Equal distance between objects: The distance between the X or Y extents of the objects is kept equal.
    • Offset: Custom distance offset at beginning and/or end of line.
      Can be found under Edit - Arrange on the ribbon.
  • SCALIGN: Align objects according to their extents (or midpoint) along the X or Y axis.
    Can be found under Edit - Arrange on the ribbon.
  • SCBOXMODE: Changes the rendering of all blocks to simple cubes. When a selection is made, the blocks inside the selection are not affected and will be rendered normally.
    Can be found under View – View on the ribbon.
  • SCBLOCKTREE: When no selection is made, SCBLOCKTREE shows all Block When a selection is made, SCBLOCKTREE will show all block references. When a selection is made prior to entering the command, the following options are available:
    • Drag and drop with left mouse button: Moves the block to another block.
    • Drag and drop with right mouse button: Copies the block to another block.
    • ‘Delete’ key: Deletes the selected block.

Moving and copying the block to other blocks may affect its position in the drawing as the internal position of the block is used in the new block. Can be found under Block / Group – Blocks on the ribbon.

  • LAYERPALETTE: Show a palette with all layers and layer states. WARNING: Changes made to the layers via the conventional layer dropdown list are not affected in the palette, unless the palette is refreshed by calling the command again!

Clicking the name of a layer will make it active. Double click the name of layer to edit its name.  Click the “New” button to create a new layer.
Can be found under Home – Layers on the ribbon.

  • LEGEND: Adds a legend with all selected blocks and their information from the database. Can be found under Block / Group – Blocks on the ribbon.
  • SETSCISOM: Sets horizontal and vertical angle for SCISOM command (page down). Can be found under View – View on the ribbon.
  • LAYERTOCOLOR: Sets the color of all entities with color ‘Bylayer’ to the real color of the layer. Found under Home – Layers on the ribbon.
  • 3d Face to Polyline: Converts a 3D face to a polyline based on its circumference. Found under Draw > Modify.
  • SCINSERTDWG: Inserts and redefines a block with the selected DWG file.
  • UPDATEFROMDWG: Redefines all blocks in the current drawing with a second drawing.
  • SCDELLATT: Removes all attributes from all blocks in the drawing.
  • SCTOBTOF: Sets all entities of the selected type to back or to front.
  • SCGRID: Tool for creating a grid.
  • SCUPDATE: Checks the updateserver if there is a newer version of SCAD Re-Event available for download.
  • SCUPDATECHECK: Checks the updateserver on startup if there is a newer version of SCAD Re-Event available for download.

Improved commands

  • RENAMEBLOCK/RB: Renameblock is now case sensitive.
  • CX/CY/CZ MX/MY/MZ: Entering 0 as distance will use the entity’s geometric extents.
    • A custom database can now be used alongside the main database.
    • Added checkbox for inserting into the current layer, overriding the CADBASE defined layer.
    • Blocks will now show their insert color while inserting/attached to the cursor.
  • LEGEND: Added a standard blockcount column.
  • SELECT: All selection commands (Found under Select – Select on the ribbon) can now be used during other commands, and will no longer cancel the current active command. This may not work during every command, but M(ove), C(opy), MX/Y/Z, CX/Y/Z and RX/Y/Z are supported.

Removed commands

  • C2072: C2072 used a fixed distance of 2072. To do this with V3.0 use SETCXY to set the distance to 2072 and use CXFAST/CYFAST, or ctrl + arrow keys to move/copy the entities.


  • All new commands added to the ribbon.
  • Updated ISOLATE, SHOWALL, and SHOW PREVIOUS buttons in Block/Group – Group on the ribbon to use the correct commands.
  • Added Background Grey button
  • Renamed “Object Align” to “Dynamic align on curve”
  • Added new Solid editing commands to ribbon.
  • Added 2 Quick Hatch commands to quickly create a solid hatch. Found under Draw > Quick Hatch (click the arrow/text to expand) > Hatch entity / Hatch Point.


Commands added to dropdown menu

  • Modify > Array > Patharray
  • Modify > Array > RectArray
  • Modify > Array > PolarArray
  • Modify > Array > EditArray
  • 3D > Direct modeling > Stitch
  • 3D > Direct Modeling > Extrude Surface
  • 3D > Direct Modeling > Revolve Surface
  • 3D > Direct Modeling > Deform > Move Point
  • 3D > Direct Modeling > Deform > Move Edge
  • 3D > Direct Modeling > Deform > Transform Curve
  • 3D > 3D Solids > Polysolid
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Same Radius Protrusions
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Same or Less Radius Fillets
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Same Radius Fillets
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Same Area Faces
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Edges
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Same Length Edges
  • 3D > Smart Selection > Face Loop
  • View > Generate Views > Projected Views
  • View > Generate Views > Section Style
  • View > Generate Views > Detail Style
  • View > Generate Views > Edit View
  • View > Ribbon Bar
  • Insert/Blocks > Geographic Location
  • Insert/Blocks > Map Connect
  • Settings > Layers > Move to Current Layer
  • Settings > Layers > Layer Previous
  • Tools > Drawing Explorer > Multileader Styles
  • Tools > Drawing Explorer > Multiline Styles
  • Tools > Drawing Explorer > Render presets
  • Tools > Drawing Explorer > Folders
  • Tools > Hide/Show > Hide Entities
  • Tools > Hide/Show > Isolate Entities
  • Tools > Hide/Show > Show Entities
  • Tools > Attributes > Redefine Attribute Block
  • Tools > Attributes > Synchronize Attributes
  • Tools > Attributes > Block Attribute Manager
  • Tools > Data Extraction
  • Tools > Create Block
  • Tools > Save Block
  • Dimension > Edit Multileader
  • Dimension > Multileader add leaders
  • Dimension > Multileader remove leaders
  • Parametric > 3D Constraints > Rigid Set


  • POSTCALC: Optimized code, is now much faster (most noticeable on bigger drawings).
    • Will now work correctly even when one menufile is corrupt or not correctly formatted.
    • BLOCKINFO TAB: Values shown in blockinfo are now correctly formatted on computers with a comma as a decimal separator.
    • CALCULATE (BLCOKINFO TAB): When no blocks are found within the database no values are shown (instead of an empty list).
    • “Last” button will now correctly show the last page and tab. Keep in mind that these are only saved when a block is inserted.
    • Truecolors (RGB values) are now supported when inserting from SCADLIB.
  • SELALL (Ctrl-A): SELALL now only selects the objects on the active layout.
    • Editing block with an asterisk (*) in their name cannot be saved with BESAVE, and are therefore no longer accessible with the block editor.
    • Clicking on a dimension would pop up the container window, but when the dimension was chosen the command would result in a “layer is locked” error. Dimensions are now ignored by the blockeditor as these are not editable blocks.
    • Some Autocad blocks would become dynamic when inserted and were therefore uneditable with the blockeditor. Opening dynamic blocks is now supported, however the dynamic block settings of real dynamic blocks will probably be lost. Use with caution.
  • LOFTX: Fixed bug where LOFTX couldn’t be used more than once, except when REGEN was called.
  • C2/M2:
    • Sometimes when moving/copying objects the default draggingpoint was not the refpoint of the block.
    • Sometimes the object would snap to the snappoint, regardless of which coordinates are typed in by the user.
    • Reverted copying/moving of locked entities. Entities on locked layers are now ignored.
    • When undoing changes made by C2 the copies will now be undone one by one, instead of all copies made at the same time.
  • CX/Y/Z MX/Y/Z: Values for X, Y and Z are now remembered separately.
  • BLOCKEDITOR: Fixed rare exception that would happen when using BESAVE for the first time on a new installation.
  • STACKOVERFLOW: Fixed the stackoverflow bug that would occur when using SCAD Re-Event for an extended period.
  • CONVSEG: Removed display of coordinates in the editor.
  • RX/RX/RZ: Default rotation angle is now 90° instead of 0°.
  • CURVEARRAY: Fixed disappearing array when the same block is used to create 2 or more arrays.

Other fixes/additions

  • Added an automatic update check that checks for a newer version of SCAD Re-Event on startup. When an update is found, a message will be displayed every time on startup until SCAD is updated. When ‘Remind me Later’ is clicked, the message will be suppressed for 30 days.

Known issues

  • .Net 4.6: Several commands will not work properly when .Net 4.6 is installed. A fix is available and is applied during installation of SCAD Re-Event V3.
  • Decimal separator needs to be set to a dot in Windows language settings.