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SCAD Re-Event costs € 3.150,- This includes the extensive library and is a permanent license, which means SCAD Re-Event never expires, if you do not purchase Maintenance the program and library will not update, but the program will run without limitations.

You can customize SCAD Re-Event the way you want. This includes User Interface, Library, Databases, Templates and macro’s. SCAD Re-Event is compatible with LISP, .NET, Diesel and CUI.

The license will be locked to your computer. You can move the license by deactivating on the old machine and activate it on the new one.

Maintenance is available for € 750,- a year. With maintenance you will receive support and updates for both the program and the library.

When updates are available, SCAD Re-Event will show a popup from which it can be downloaded directly. Library updates will not affect your own libraries when you follow the guidelines of creating libraries (not putting your own objects in the programs library folders).

If you purchase Maintenance you are allowed to stop every year, it is not a subscription which needs to be cancelled. Maintenance is optional. If you wish, you can just purchase SCAD Re-Event and you’ll never see a second invoice of us again. However, we do recommend buying Maintenance since SCAD Re-Event is still rapidly improving.

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