An extensive library with optimized blocks makes creating drawings even faster:

  • Choose from 13000 objects, optimized to keep your drawing as fast as possible.
  • Comes with a database with information per block such as weight and power.
  • Insert layers can be predefined per block via an easy to use config file.
  • Add your own categories and blocks to the library.

Use the COUNTLIST command to show list with all the information you need, separated per block, such as the weight, power, description or product number. Satisfied with the drawing? Export the COUNTLIST to excel to save it for future use.

Edit blocks with our custom built Block Editor. Blocks are opened in a new document, giving you all the tools to change them however you want. Simply click save to push the changes to the root drawing and close the block, or click update to push the changes and check them before closing the block.

With our redesigned move and copy commands you can orient entities while dragging. Type X or Y to rotate the entity 90° in 3D, or press F9 to rotate the entity 45° around the Z axis. You can even hold Ctrl to rotate to a custom angle.

Need to go faster? Use the CX/CY/CZ or MX/MY/MZ commands to quickly move or copy the entity over the distance you provide. Still not fast enough? Use the CXFast/CYFast/CZFast or use the Ctrl + arrow keys to copy the entity over a custom distance that you set previously with SETCXY, which is saved throughout the application. When switching to a drawing with different units the distance will be converted so you don’t have to worry about anything.

With the multiple selection commands you can now easily select only those entities you need. Select blocks by name, by attribute definitions or let the program decide which blocks are similar enough to the one you selected, based on its name and properties. Can’t find a block? Use SCFINDBLOCK to highlight the block that matches your search string (or a part of it), even when it is nested in another block.

And more:

  • Dynamically rotate block(s)
  • Create a curve array and edit its properties real-time
  • Simplified Align and Distribute to make them faster and easier
  • Replace 3D face with a polyline
  • Render all but the selected blocks as simple cubes to speed up the drawing.
  • Custom Plan- and Isometric views. Isometric view angle can be changed to your preference.
  • Replace a block with a dwg, or redefine all blocks in the drawing to all blocks from a second drawing.


This is only a selection of available commands, all of which will save you time and effort so you can focus on building creative things.